Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What a Day of school is like


Do you want to find out how my school days are like? School days are fun!  Here you go. 8:30 Time to leave for School!8:45 Go inside and help Ms.Dressler (sometimes). When we come in the classroom we wait to hang up our backpacks and coats.Then we start reading.

We say the pledge.then we meet on the rug. then we do buddy reading. We meet on the rug for writing.Then we have a list of things to do.After that we switch to Ms.Trudeaus room. We fill out our planners.And do our math packets. And start reading. Then I leave for speech.Then there is Lunchtime.Then Recess. After we come in we do math.We go to Gym (on some days). We come back and do more math. 

Then we switch classes and go home. Now tell me what YOUR school day is like!

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