Tuesday, August 27, 2013

3 small moments In my life.

today I`m gonna write about 3 moments in my life here they are!

my second build a bear.
                                                                                                                                                                               It was a nice February night.  my dad tricked me by saying we were gonna get snow pants  for my brother but we were actually were getting my build a bear 1 day Early.   her name is rose I love her.    

my 6th  birthday

at my 6th birthday my best Friends gave me a stuffed animal penguin that I don't play with that often but I still like it.  I had rainbow cupcakes for dessert/dinner

my cousin's birthday party

my cousins birthday party was so awesome, it was the best birthday party ive ever been to.  my cousin Connor turned three and the party was at Chucke Cheese.  There was cake and games and I got tickets and a wisel with the tickets.  my cousin Connor is so cute.

here he is now swimming with me!


  1. You are just as cute as your cousin Conner on the slide. I love your virtual pets, I have a passion for frogs but wolves are cute too. Do you think you could find me a virtual frog pet. Love Aunty Dee

  2. Denise again....how can I post to Lucy's blog without permission every time?? Amy let me know so I can keep up with our first CC baby. Love following her blog.

    1. Denise,

      In order to protect Lucy from reading mean or profane comments and to make sure no one spams her, I have decided to screen all comments. I will try to check more often so you can see your comments quicker. I hope that this isn't too inconvenient for you


  3. I really like hearing about your small things. One small thing you may look back with pride is this beautiful blog. Love, Dad


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