Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Birthday is in 25 Days!

My Birthday is in 25 Days!Only 25! I was born on December 6. Year:2005. When: 7:00 AM. Last year I got: $8, 3 Build a Bears  and 1 Webkinz. Each year My aunt sends us money.For example Last year I got $8.My Grandma Takes us birthday shopping.           BONUS: How old am I Turning?

5 Reasons Why we Should get a new DS

1. The top screen on ours is broken.
2.We can get one in purple instead of blue.
3. Some games won't work on the bottom screen.
4. We can get more styluses just in case we lose the one we have.
5.We can have two people play at the same time.

This is a DS